Mushroom salad
180 G

Mushroom salad

We make a variety of salads based on seitan, tofu and vegetables. They are completely vegetable, prepared with a dressing and delicious.


Mushrooms* (32%), bean sprouts*, sunflower oil*, carrots*, water, soy milk*, parsley*, sea salt, mustard*, vinegar*, corn starch*, carob*, cayenne pepper*.

(*) From organic cultivation.

May contain traces of eggs, milk, nuts, gluten, celery, sesame and lupine.

Nutrition per 100 g

Energy182 kcal / 753 kj
Fat17,7 g
saturated2,1 g
carbs2,5 g
sugars0,7 g
fibres1,5 g
proteins2,4 g
salt0,7 g

Extra tips

  • Used as a spread
  • Delicious in cold appetisers
  • Fill a tomato with Abinda salads
  • Ideal as an aperitif by spreading the salad on toast