Seitan spelled
200 G

Seitan spelled

Seitan spelled is a sophisticated meat substitute made by cooking spelled proteins in a mineral-rich broth based on soy sauce, seaweed and ginger. Seitan spelled is very tender with a refined taste, making it very easy to prepare.


spelled flour *, water, tamari * (soy sauce), kombu * and ginger *.

(*) From organic cultivation

Nutrition per 100 g

Energy143 kcal/597kJ
Fat5 g
saturated0,45 g
carbs3,5 g
sugars0,9 g
fibres g
proteins27,5 g
salt0,4 g

Extra tips

  • Fry for a few minutes on both sides with a little oil, margarine or butter
  • Grind the seitan finely and use it in spaghetti sauce
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