Chickpea paté
170 G

Chickpea paté

Our pates serve as worthy meat substitutes because they contain both tofu or seitan as a main component. We combine these with vegetables, seeds, hazelnuts or legumes.


Chickpeas* cooked (24%), tofu* (water, soybeans*, vegetarian rennet), carrots*, sunflower oil*, onion*, soy fibre*, tomato puree *, vegetable stock* (sea salt, rice flour*, starch syrup*, yeast extract*, sunflower oil*, onions*, celery*, parsnips*, fried onions*, turmeric*, parsley*, mace*, pepper*, bay leaf*, lavas leaves (‘maggiplant’) *, herbs*.

(*) From organic cultivation.

May contain traces of eggs, milk, nuts, gluten, mustard, sesame and lupine.

Nutrition per 100 g

Energy269 Kcal / 1130 Kj
Fat20,4 g
saturated2,4 g
carbs11,5 g
sugars4,2 g
fibres4,1 g
proteins7,9 g
salt1,4 g

Extra tips

  • Not only as a spread on bread, but also excellent heated in the oven, served with a grain of choice and vegetables
  • Ideal as an aperitif by spreading the paté on toast
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