Mayonaise BIO 300g
300g G

Mayonaise BIO 300g

This organic mayonnaise combines healthy and delicious in a sauce that flavours your salads and dishes. The perfect base for preparing your own sauces.


Sunflower oil *, EGG yolk *, grain vinegar *, Dijon MUSTARD *, sea salt, food acid: lactic acid and citric acid, pepper *

(*) From organic cultivation

Nutrition per 100 g

Energy771 kcal, 3170 kJ
Fat85 g
saturated10,3 g
carbs0,3 g
sugars0,02 g
fibres0,03 g
proteins1,3 g
salt0,9 g

Extra tips

  • Keep cool after opening (max. 7 ° C), no added sugars
  • In salads, with fries, on a sandwich, with hot dishes such as fondue, barbecue, ...
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