Cocktail mayonnaise
180 G

Cocktail mayonnaise

A mild, organic sauce based on tomatoes and flavoured with whiskey.


Sunflower oil * (75%), tomato ketchup * (tomato concentrate * (85%), vinegar *, cane sugar *, sea salt), EGG yellow *, tomato paste *, Dijon MUSTARD *, whiskey * (0.9%), grain vinegar *, sea salt , food acids: lactic acid, citric acid, pepper *

(*) from organic cultivation

Nutrition per 100 g

Fat73,8 g
saturated8,9 g
carbs2,7 g
sugars2,0 g
fibres0,04 g
proteins1,5 g
salt0,9 g

Extra tips

Delicious with fries, hot and cold dishes, BBQ, ...

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