Mumbai Magic
200 G

Mumbai Magic

A veggie burger like no other

We take you to South Asia on a journey full of color and flavor! Sweet potato, soft curry and a light ginger touch provide the magical "Bollywood" feeling on your plate.


Sweet Potato *  (19%), onion *, water, tofu * (9%) (water, soybeans *),sunflower oil *, potato flakes * (soy), oat flakes *, ginger * (4%), soy Fiber *, egg protein *, parsley *, curry powder *, sea salt. 

(*) From organic cultivation

May contain traces of milk, mustard, nuts, sesame, celery and lupine.

Nutrition per 100 g

Fat12,8 g
saturated1,5 g
carbs16,6 g
sugars4,3 g
fibres2,6 g
proteins7,1 g
salt1,2 g

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