Belgian lentils at Abinda!

Belgian lentils at Abinda!

november 08, 2021

The Abinda team is very proud to announce the collaboration with the Humus farm for our lentils! Humus is an organic farm, managed and run by Marc and Bénédicte. It is located in Zulte, 30 km from Abinda.

From now on, the lentils in Abinda's Lentil Pâté, Smokey Lentil Paprika spread and Lentil-Date spread come from nearby! We also make this visual with a sticker on our jars, which refers to the local origin of our lentils!

Dries and Astrid (Abinda) also had a guided tour through the fields of Marc and Bénédicte, and admired the lentil plants. Marc and Bénédicte are specialized in growing organic crops, and also in creating a healthy top layer of the earth.

The health of the plant comes from the health of the soil, and it is with the soil that Marc and Bénédicte begins.

The name "Humus", for their company, is a reference to the similar soil layer.

Abinda has a great value to collaborations with local organic entrepreneurs, such as Humus!