february 25, 2016

To contribute together to a better environment, from now on Abinda will no longer charge a deposit for its glass containers.



From the very beginning, we have packed our pates and salads in glass jars. A conscious choice. But why do we opt for glass? Glass is recommended not only on an ecological level, but it is also recommended in the interest of hygiene and flavour.


Glass perfectly preserves all the ingredients on which our sense of taste is based. The aroma, the texture, the colour and consistency are maintained best by glass packaging. Glass does not affect the contents. Even if it is heated.


Because glass is inert and homogeneous, natural processes are preserved. In addition, glass is ideal for nipping bacteria in the bud.


Glass is a sustainable material. It can be recycled endlessly. This is certainly to the benefit of our ecological footprint. 


We are waiving the deposit on the glass jars. Here we depend on the recycling system to recover, clean and reuse the glass jars. For the customer, this means in practice that they no longer need to bring the packaging to the shop but to the glass container instead.

Thanks to technological advances, the glass industry has designed glass containers that can be fully recycled in a closed cycle without loss of raw material. In addition, we save on joint transport and use less water and energy to clean the glass jars.


Of course, we also depend on you. With glass, you have many possibilities. First, you can recycle it by putting the packaging in the glass container, but you can also use it creatively at home. From storing food to storing craft supplies. The really creative people among us can even use it to craft vases or candle holders.


You've probably already noticed it; Abinda has a new logo, a new website and new packaging. Abinda has always been an innovative business, so we want to reflect that in our communication. So it’s time for a new style. 


Green prevails. Ecology is of paramount importance to us. With this colour, we wish to emphasise the freshness of our products. The rustic font refers back to our craftsmanship and the authenticity of our products. For people, by people.

We are and remain a vibrant company. That's why we wanted a dynamic element in our logo.  To emphasise our vitality, the letters of Abinda are displayed in a curved shape.

The new logo also includes a new website. Product information This is where Abinda wants to place the focus. But what does ‘organic’ actually mean? And how do you create a nutritious and balanced vegetarian diet? Abinda supports you in word and deed. So be sure to check our eco page from time to time. 


A tasteful presentation. Initially, this was the core thought on which the packaging was to be based. We want to showcase the purity of all our products.

With the new packaging, we especially want to give enough information. Transparency is hugely important to us. And this is why it is important to work with clear, concise packaging.

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